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Words of Wisdom


Idaho Land Board   HB188                    
August 25,2011                                                  

Reflection and Analysis   

Todd E. Hatfield                                   


House Bill 188 is probably the most important and pressing issue facing Idaho today. Over the past 12 years, Idaho’s Land Board has accelerated the unraveling of a sound foundation by acquiescing to social changes and straying from the original intent of constitutional principles. Today’s vision based on diversified investment portfolios vs. the founding principles of capitalism and free markets are quite different philosophically and politically. Operating on the idea of no limits is unconstitutional, as government should not compete with private industry. The foundation of this country was to protect private property and we must not allow social ideology to steer the rule making and legislative process. This paper will help clarify and examine events differentiating how Idaho has arrived at buying private businesses today compared to the intention the founders envisioned for the endowments. What is done today will be critical to the future of every Idahoan.        


Idaho achieved statehood and was admitted into the Union in 1890. What transpired before this date led to the creation of Endowment Lands. The Timber and Stone Act of 1878 allowed a person to purchase up to 160 acres of land at $2.50 an acre, provided that the land was used for personal use. One hundred and sixty acres, a ¼ section, was the amount of land determined to sustain a family. This Federal program was to benefit the common person and to encourage settlers to populate the west. These near give-away programs soon became fraudulent with industrialist timber barons scheming to acquire vast amounts of property and natural resources. The solution to this problem on a federal level was to create “Forest Reserves” which kept land management under the federal government now known as the Forest Service. Gifford Pinchot, the founder of the forest reserves said they are needed, “rather to help the small man making a living than to help the big man make a profit”. I mention this statement because it establishes a free market economy; the corporation and the small man are on an equal footing for opportunity.

Idaho’s founders debated the same arguments in 1889 that we are debating today. That is, how should the lands be treated and the money invested. Many of the delegates were influenced by writer Henry George who wrote a paper “Our Land and Land Policy” and further expounded on his ideas with “Progress and Poverty” published in 1879 (ten years before Idaho statehood). Henry George was very influential during the late 1800’s and was even a Presidential candidate. His book is theorized on social and economic progress, maintaining that the more progress the more poverty. He attributes this to private ownership in land and believes that the means of production (capitol) should be controlled by the state. His social philosophies were not accepted by the Idaho delegation then, but have returned to  mainstream land policies today. The American Planning Association and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy are two groups currently developing his policies that undermine property rights.

 Idaho Endowments were intelligently crafted in such a way that land was given to the State beneficiary’s to generate revenue by means of sale, rent and raw materials, but control of production was not given to the state, thus assuring once again the principles of free markets. Additionally, the founders of Idaho valued education, natural resources and secure investments. They utilized Timber and grazing receipts for deposit into the endowment fund. This is an economy of substance, where something is produced, and jobs are created. What a wise practice in posterity we should embrace.

“We already compete with private business selling timber”…?

This statement has been stated by Land Board members, Dept of Land employees and some current legislators. At face value this appears to be true, but upon closer review turns out to be false. We need to examine the difference between private timber and state timber, and compare the state competing in a commercial type venture.

Today, the free market dictates the price of timber based on supply and demand. The price of timber is set by privately owned sawmills and they decide how much volume and whom they will purchase from. The trees or “raw material”, from private ground, State ground or Federal ground share the same value at the saw mill (the state has no influence). The value of the timber on the stump (before harvesting) is determined by subtracting the costs for the type of logging (i.e. skidding, helicopter, line etc.) and the proximity to the saw mill for hauling the fallen timber. Forest management practices will differ between State and private land holders based on a variety of factors such as, regional growth rates, aggressive harvesting and differing regulations. These are the basic factors the State uses to appraise the timber. Clearly, the State is not competing with other sellers.  How do the Endowments get the maximum return? Mills and Logging Companies compete for the State’s open bidding process on timber and this currently encourages many bidders and results in a higher “stump value” for the timber.  The cost of harvesting is determined by the individual logging company. The company takes into consideration the type and amount of equipment owned, the wages paid and the overhead and profit expected. For instance, if the State appraises the trucking costs at $200 per load and one company can truck for a cost of $195 per load, that company can bid $5 dollars higher ($205).  This becomes a “net plus” for the Endowments and does not create a “negative effect” on private timber prices. This has worked for over 100 years, providing opportunity to any individual or company the right to work, produce and contribute to Idaho and its endowments. Now, the Department of Lands is pushing to change the bidding process, by marketing the timber themselves and partnering with preferred logging companies (a free market destroyed and ending over a century of sound management).

When the State enters into the Commercial Businesses arena, this presents an unequal footing. Let’s say that a saw mill is a lucrative business and the State decides to buy one. They will now own raw material and control the means of production. The State will compete against other saw mills and enjoy the tax exempt status; a clear and substantial advantage. Additionally, the state will have unlimited cash to operate on from the taxpayer. The State will then buy private timber, forcing a lower price, thus controlling the local timber industry. A foregone result will be lower earnings for private enterprises and reduced wages to employees. Eventually, that private mill, now a competitor of the state, may be forced to close; mill workers lose their jobs and livelihoods, and the local community will be impacted. There could very well be quite a few unintended consequences in the final analysis. Since the majority of school funding is provided through sales tax, and the majority of the endowment is for schools, it is of utmost importance that the state stays out of the private sector.

I have used the hypothetical mill scenario for why the State should not go into business, period. You may insert any business (i.e. brew pub, storage unit, restaurant, apartments…) and have the same result; a reduced tax base (sales tax/tax payer) equals a reduced tax revenue (tax payer monies for state and schools) and higher unemployment. Idaho is currently borrowing from the Federal Government to pay unemployment benefits.


Here is a quick look into the twisting, bending and stretching of the Idaho State Constitution. Thoughtfully and honestly read, each word and sentence holds deliberate entry and should be interpreted for its intended definition. Separating any word, phrase, sentence or order leads to a misrepresentation of the intent. The State of Idaho’s constitution does not exist without reference to the United States Constitution. We are a Constitutional Republic, which guarantees a republican form of government, which must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power over citizens. A Republic recognizes the private independent person, their life, their liberty and their property. Accordingly, the Idaho Constitution recognizes “the Constitution of the United states is the supreme law of the land” Article 1, Section 3.  Most people will agree that the Land Board purchasing private businesses is a form of socialism.  Socialist policy cannot trump the Constitution of the State of Idaho and the United States Constitution.

Referring back to Henry George’s philosophy of putting control in the hands of the State, the founders understood this very real social threat would be persistent through time. The founders were highly educated and restated in Idaho’s Constitution, “The stability of a republican form of government depending mainly upon the intelligence of the people…”. They understood the importance of this clause and gave it a place of prominence in the first section of article IX, identifying the management of endowments. This factually shows how important the management of the endowments is, and to be governed. This cannot be stressed enough. Modern endowment practices have widely ignored this Constitutional premise.

Some Land board members and Dept of Land employees have released statements such as, “These trust lands are not “Public” lands, like federal lands.” Statements like this imply an unfettered use of State power. This is a subtle manipulation of thought processes. The fact is that Section 8, Article IX, identifies the lands as, public lands, and is specific to management. Section 8 is a hindrance to those who promote a contemporary management (investment) philosophy.

The Land Board Mission Statement, “is to manage Idaho’s endowment assets to maximize long term financial returns…” The Constitution reads “in such manner as will secure the maximum long term financial return..”. Endowment trustees, Dept of Lands and everyone else working for these groups typically use the word maximize. The definition of maximum is “the greatest quantity or amount possible”. To maximize, is to increase this amount. Once again, social interpretation is twisting the language to expand the role of a government entity.

Equality is the prevailing fundamental principle of the U.S. and State Constitutions. Endowment land grants were “judiciously” located and carefully preserved allocating sections 16 and 36 of each township. If maximizing were the intent, land allocations would have been based on value not equality. This is further proof that endowments were established to provide for an economy of substance (production in each township). The Land board can achieve a maximum return without plundering the property and rights of individuals.

Endowment Fund Investment Board; another parody, whose activities contribute to economic problems throughout the United States. The 1998  Constitutional amendment allows the Land Board to play the market with school money. If this is a “sacred trust” and must “remain inviolate and intact”, how can the funds be gambled within volatile  markets? A quote from the previous director of the Department of Lands, “No tax dollars are used; just like any private enterprise, the trusts have to support themselves.” Truth is, there is an Idaho Code which states that losses are to be replaced by the Idaho legislature (tax dollars). Citizens of Idaho would be irate, and they should be, if they realized they would have to pay for money the state gambled away. This code is merely State government writing law to protect government itself. In 2009 the Investment Fund lost approximately $373 million school dollars in the stock market. Mangers of the Investment Fund will tell you that they have recovered these losses. Truth once again is that many investments were in Government Secured Equities which received bailout money (tax dollars). Idaho’s investment of approximately $1 billion in endowment funds along with $10 billion from PERSI, $1 billion from the Local Government Investment Pool, combined with 49 other states amounts to trillions of dollars invested in publicly traded companies. This is what determines companies that are, “too big to fail”. This scheme of governing promotes the taking of money from the people rather than earning it through the reward of free market production. It’s easier to collect rent at a storage facility than administer a timber sale. Modern investment strategies and policies will be seen as nothing more than a sham costing all taxpayers more than necessary.

One Limit Left

As the constitution sets limits on government, only one remains in the way for Idaho’s Land Board - how much land they are allowed to sell in one year. Two bills, SJR102 and SJR103 are being considered now for a Constitutional Amendment, to remove these limits.


All too often department heads become the leading force for The Land Board members and are recognized as the experts. Land Board members have many duties and rely on these directors. However, by entrusting the direction government takes to department heads without the full weight and responsibility of each Board Member’s participation, results in an unclearly guided purpose or decision on vital issues. A philosophical trail of education can be followed regarding Idaho Endowment Trusts. The Sonoran Institute, Children’s Land Alliance Supporting Schools and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy have all worked with Idaho Endowments. The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, founded by John C. Lincoln (a self proclaimed Socialist), is a think tank that focuses on the use, taxation, and regulation of land providing education and training to integrate theory and practice.  The aforementioned Henry George was an abiding influence on Lincoln’s life and thought. The Institutes founding objective has been to promote George’s book Progress and Poverty. Both Lincoln and George theorize progressive socialism. The United States Constitution and the Idaho Constitution are based in Natural Law (God’s law); respecting life, liberty and property.  A person’s business is private property.

If the State is going to detract from private property because it is lucrative and convenient, they have departed from the true meaning and protection the people were granted. If the Land Board is to operate businesses, providing beneficiaries funding and tax breaks enjoyed by the state, the state will inflict harm and do irreparable damage to the private sector. Remember, endowments are not the only source of funding for schools; much more money is generated through sales tax, from a healthy and productive free market economy.

 I whole heartedly agree with making the maximum amount for the Endowments. This has, and can be done, as long as government is not allowed to infringe on the inalienable rights of man. If House bill 188 is not to be introduced then a constitutional amendment, to remove “The stability of a republican form of government…”, would be the truthful representation of our current state government.

In the book, by Dennis Colson, “Idaho’s Constitution, The Tie That Binds”, he documented this very similar debate of 1889, by Idaho’s founders. Their wisdom is here for Legislators’ discernment, in making an historical decision, once again for Idaho, and impacting the centuries to come.



NUGENT: You have the right to remain stupid

Fedzillacrats are oblivious to self-evident truths

By Ted Nugent

The Washington Times

You have the right to remain stupid, and what you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. Unfortunately, the court of public opinion is expanding into a stupid-is-as-stupid-does joke. And it has a president and gang of thieves in the United States government to represent it.

So goes the sheeping of America. Welcome to Euro II.

With the level of dishonesty, fraud, abuse of power, corruption, rampant irresponsibility, downright criminal behavior and vehement refusal to be accountable, our government has clearly lost its collective mind - and its soul.

The brain-dead, zombielike nonsense blurting out of Democrats’ pie holes is mind-boggling as they feebly attempt to rationalize raising the debt ceiling, scrambling mindlessly to explain how increased runaway, criminal spending on gluttonous, wasteful, superfluous stuff is a good thing.

“Honey, we’re in debt up to our eyeballs. Let’s go shopping and increase our gluttonous indulgences. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

Is there a Dr. Phil or an Oprah to counsel psychotic bureaucrats? Somebody has to put a halt to this insanity as quickly as possible. We the people of the Tea Party are trying with all our might but there must be somebody in government that can stop this. Somebody?

The separation of legislative, executive and judicial branches of government has turned into one big gang of complicit goons, scratching each other’s backs and scheming to increase their own dishonest assault on we the people. Oh, how they have forgotten their oath to the U.S. Constitution. Oh, woe are they.

A nasty, unclean gaggle of Americans read the nonstop reports of mass graves in Mexico, the mountains of dead bodies, the unending exhuming of slaughtered innocents and decapitated citizens and public officials at the hands of evil drug cartels, then nonchalantly purchase another load of the mind- and life-destroying dope that these subhuman heathens peddle. You have to be on dope in order to fail to admit how your illegal or “medical” marijuana consumption creates wanton death and mayhem in your own communities and country. Thanks for nothing, idiots.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and their complicit gang of America-hating snake-oil salesmen represent the most clear and present economic raping and pillaging in our country’s history. Instead of ending the tragedy, the perpetrators are given bonuses and hired by our already-criminal-infested government. And they call it “creating jobs.” Mao Zedong and Al Capone would be proud.

In the American West, where inhabitants have been raising hell for 20-plus years about how grizzly bears pose a serious and constant threat to people’s lives and livelihoods, inept, ignorant bureaucrats enforce dangerous policy by calling these overpopulated bears an endangered species. A hiker gets killed by a grizzly again and these geniuses respond by reminding people to whistle and bang on pots and pans.

In the middle of a war on terror, invaders infiltrate our southern border with impunity and instead of living up to their oath to protect America, soulless Fedzillacrats erect signs on American soil not warning the invaders to leave but rather warning American citizens to stay out of the invaded territory. Meanwhile, the feds sue Arizona for enforcing American laws.

Charlie Rangel, Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle and God knows how many other criminal tax cheats get caught red-handed, and none of them are brought to anything resembling justice. Are you kidding me?

Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and current Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, forbid their subjects to protect themselves but charge their subjects higher taxes to pay for their own heavily armed security detail.

Texas rightly decides to execute a convicted murderer-rapist of an innocent little girl and the president and secretary of state side with the murderous, rotten-to-the-core United Nations goons instead of with their own country. Are you kidding me?

I end up in a state-of-the-art emergency room at a Canadian hospital with a serious blood-gushing dog bite and wait 6 1/2 hours to see a doctor. In Waco, Texas, I wait less than a minute. Our fearless community-organizer-in-chief wants to fundamentally transform American health care into Canadian health care - unless, of course, you qualify for a crony-payoff waiver of this diabolical scam shoved down the throats of we the people. Are you kidding me?

Food stampers increase their fraud and criminal abuse of an already-failed welfare slavery system, and our numbnut politicians let President Obama increase it fourfold. Are you kidding me?

Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven write the ultimate America-hating guideline on how to bring down the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind, and the Obama administration puts their ideas on the fast track in broad daylight, yet no one stops him. Are you kidding me?

Unions continue to demand more compensation for less productivity or quality control. The list of jobs Americans are not willing to do gets longer by the day as soylent-green foreigners continue to kick our butts because they don’t allow such a list. Are you kidding me?

With another glaring, smoke-and-mirrors defiance of the pledge to government transparency, the No. 1 cop in America, aided and abetted by the vehemently anti-gun president, knowingly breaks the law and his oath to the Constitution by running illegally begotten guns to Mexican murderers, then tries to blame legitimate American gun dealers. Nothing like a good backfire to spotlight the cockroaches.

I could go on, but I’m getting sick to my stomach, as are an increasing number of American citizens sickened by the flagrant criminality of our government. I would like to go on record that the U.S. government is now more offensive and in violation of self-evident truths and God-given individual rights and liberties than the British government was in 1775.

Make note, bureaucrats. We have had enough, are completely fed up with the insanity and we officially put you on notice: You’re fired. When we go to the polls in 2012, we are committed to give most of you a good dose of what unemployment feels like. And from now on, you will have to create your own jobs because governments - especially a bloated, criminally abusive government like we have in America today - is unforgivable, unsustainable and will not be tolerated any longer.

I would highly recommend you all seek treatment for your allergies to logic, truth, good will, decency, accountability and the American Way. If you don’t get help soon, God only knows what will become of you.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

“Rooster” Cogburn for President


by Paul R. Hollrah



My wife does not often make suggestions for what I should write about, but today was an exception.  As we watched a Fox News update on the field of Republican hopefuls for the 2012 presidential nomination, she said, “You know what we need to defeat Obama in 2012?  We need someone with “true grit,” and we still don’t have a frontrunner who fits that description.”  I could not agree more.


According to the official storyline in the movie True Grit, 14-year-old farm girl Mattie Ross arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas, determined to track down and capture a former hired hand, Tom Chaney, who had murdered her father.  To aid in her quest, she hired the roughest, toughest man she could find, a one-eyed U.S. marshal with "true grit" named Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn, to track Chaney into Indian Territory and bring him to justice.


Almost every moviegoer over age sixty will remember and appreciate the original version of the movie, starring John Wayne, which opened in movie theaters across the country in June 1969.  Wayne won both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award as Best Actor for his portrayal of the one-eyed “Rooster” Cogburn.


But Wayne’s portrayal of the curmudgeonly lawman was typical John Wayne.  He swaggered, he cursed, and he swilled a little whiskey, but he came off looking more like a kindly father-figure catering to a strong-willed daughter or granddaughter.  It was not until 2011, forty-one and a half years later, when the remake opened in theaters across the country, that moviegoers finally got to see what “true grit” really looks like.  That was when actor Jeff Bridges reprised the role of “Rooster” Cogburn.


Thinking back on the Bridges performance, I can fully appreciate that “true grit” is the single most important quality the 2012 Republican candidate must have.  “Nice,” “accommodating,” and “bipartisan” simply won’t cut it against a man who compares well to Lucifer himself, so no George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, or John McCain lookalikes need apply.  And just in case some might be tempted to think that former Florida governor Jeb Bush might be a welcome change of pace, let’s just assume that the further we wade out into the Bush gene pool the shallower it gets.  Some may be willing to gamble on a third Bush in the White House, but I’m not.     


So if our 2012 job description excludes “nice guys” and candidates who are anxious to “reach across the aisle” to accommodate Democrats, who do we eliminate?


For starters, we can eliminate former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.  Each time I see Pawlenty he seems to automatically morph into the children’s TV icon, Mr. Rogers, dressed in his cardigan sweater and singing “Won’t You be My Neighbor.”  Barack Obama, the Democrat leadership, and the “Weiner media” would eat him alive.   


As for Mitt Romney, he too is a bit too nice, a bit too polished to get “down-and-dirty” with Obama, as conservative voters are going to demand.  Besides, after the lame answer he gave in defense of his failed “RomneyCare” plan in Massachusetts, I’m not sure we could ever trust him to adequately espouse conservative values. 

After a scathing Wall Street Journal attack on RomneyCare, Romney responded with, “I stand by my successful healthcare plan in Massachusetts, but ObamaCare is a disaster because it does all of the things that RomneyCare does, just on a national level.  So, if I am elected president I will give waivers to states so they can repeat my mistakes if they want to, or, if they are smart, they will reject both my approach and Obama’s.”

One wonders who advises Romney on his public statements.  As a former speech writer for a presidential candidate, I can’t imagine who might be putting words into his mouth.  Could it be Joe Biden?  Newt Gingrich?  His response was all wrong. 

He should have said, “Yes, the Massachusetts healthcare reform plan has not been the panacea that we hoped it would be.  But the states are the laboratories of social and economic policy in our federal system and it is the states that must take the lead in trying to solve problems such as the healthcare crisis.  Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress don’t seem to understand that, when it comes to problems as great and as intractable as healthcare, the one-size-fits-all formula that they’re so fond of just won’t work.  At least we tried.  Now the Congress, the next president, and the other forty-nine states can learn from our experience in Massachusetts.” 

But it was in New Hampshire, in announcing his candidacy for the 2012 GOP nomination, that Romney frittered away any chance he had of winning the 2012 nomination.  Appearing before a crowd of New Hampshire supporters, he said, “I don’t speak for the scientific community, of course, but I believe the world is getting warmer.  I can’t prove that, but I believe, based on what I read, that the world is getting warmer.  And number two, I believe that humans contribute to that.  I don’t know how much our contribution is to that, because I know that there have been periods of greater heat and warmth in the past but I believe we contribute to that.  And so I think it’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may well be significant contributors to the climate change and the global warming that you’re seeing.”

Goodbye, Mitt Romney!  No Republican candidate who would publicly put those thoughts into words can ever win the party’s nomination for President of the United States. 

To name those in the party who do possess “true grit,” we can start with Texas governor Rick Perry; New Jersey governor Chris Christie; Wisconsin governor Scott Walker; Maine governor Paul LePage; Ohio governor John Kasich, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, Arizona governor Jan Brewer, former Speaker Newt Gingrich; former corporate CEO Herman Cain; former Alaska governor Sarah Palin; Congressman Ron Paul, of Texas, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, of Minnesota; and Congressman Allen West, of Florida.  It is out of that group of thirteen patriots that Republicans will likely select their 2012 ticket, with the ideal ticket being Governor Rick Perry for president and either Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann for vice president.

Once in office, President Perry will need a “kick-ass” cabinet.  He will need Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior, Chris Christie as Attorney General, Mitt Romney as Secretary of Commerce, Newt Gingrich as Secretary of Education, Allen West as Secretary of Homeland Security; and Ron Paul as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.  If she is not the first female vice president, Michele Bachmann would make a fine Treasury Secretary.  And if Governor Perry fails to select him as his running mate, Herman Cain would provide an invaluable contribution as Chairman of the Republican National Committee where he would serve as a much-needed conservative role model for all black Americans.


As Interior Secretary, Palin would have oil producers drilling wells in the offshore… east coast, west coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska… in the Baaken range in Montana and the Dakotas, and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).  With the sound of all those drilling rigs operating around the clock Americans might find it hard to sleep at night, but within four years the Perry administration would have the U.S. well on its way toward energy independence. 


And that natural gas pipeline that Palin got approved as Governor of Alaska?  She and President Perry would have that pipeline rerouted, and instead of bringing low-cost, clean-burning natural gas to the non-energy-friendly states of Washington, Oregon, and California, that gas would be going directly to the Dakotas and to the Plains states… along with the heavy crude produced from the Athabasca tar sands in Alberta Province… where business development and job creation are deserved and much appreciated.    


Perry would also have our southern border closed to illegal immigration, the economy would be growing at a fast pace, Boeing would be producing airplanes in its new South Carolina assembly plant, the jobless rate would be shrinking toward the 4-5% “full employment” level, and gasoline prices would once again be less than $2 per gallon.


All of these things can be accomplished.  All we need is a man or woman with “true grit” in the White House, a filibuster-proof Republican super-majority in the U.S. Senate, and a prohibitive Republican majority in the House of Representatives.  And whenever our candidates debate Obama and Biden, let’s send them away feeling as if we’ve dumped a healthy portion of “true grit” into their undershorts. 


Obama must not only be defeated in 2012, he and his policies must be totally repudiated in a landslide defeat.  We need a “Rooster” Cogburn-style Republican in the White House.  So let’s stop thinking about it and talking about it… let’s get it done!



LOBO WATCH Sportsmen Taking Charge of Predator Problems
Editorial News/Press Release July 2011


Of Wolves and Junk Science

It is now very apparent that when plans were first being made to bring wolves back into the Northern Rockies, knowledgeable "wolf scientists" must have been extremely rare - and extremely far and few in between. When one takes the time to mull over the so-called Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Plan, and especially the long and drawn out 1994 Environmental Impact Statement filed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, drafted before the first wolves were released into the Greater Yellowstone Area in 1995, and compares the "facts" within those two documents with what we now know has happened and continues to happen, it becomes very clear that the chosen experts knew little if anything about wolves.

In those days, the team of wildlife biologists, managers, ecologists and environmentalists pushing to "reintroduce" wolves into the Yellowstone ecosystem and throughout the Northern Rockies definitively established that to achieve a recovered wolf population it would take 100 wolves, with a minimum of 10 breeding pairs, in each of three states - Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. And that goal was achieved in 2002. At that time, according to the "Recovery Plan" and the 1994 EIS, management was supposed to have been turned over to the state wildlife agencies. But, it was not.

Although the team of "scientists" and "wildlife biologists" who drafted both of these official documents signed off on the recovery goal numbers well before the first wolves were released, intervening environmental groups, including the Defenders of Wildlife and the Center for Biological Diversity, began filing lawsuits to prevent wolf management hunts. And this is even though the wildlife agencies of these states had voluntarily planned to insure a minimum of at least 15 breeding pairs in each state. And that battle continues to this very day.

By the time wolves had reached the agreed upon recovery goal in 2002, it was already evident that those scientists who drafted the plan and EIS had missed their predictions, their claims and their promises to a concerned public by a country mile. Hunting is not just a recreation in the Northern Rockies, it is a way of life, with many families relying heavily on the harvest of elk, deer and other big game to supplement how they keep their family fed. It is also big business. In fact, in Montana alone hunting is an annual $230-million-plus boost to the state's economy. And well before the first 17 wolves were released into Yellowstone National Park in 1995, Congress proclaimed that the planned project was to "not hurt hunting", to "not hurt ranching", and that the release of wolves in the Northern Rockies was not to threaten any other endangered species - i.e. the grizzly bear.

Wolf impact on other wildlife resources was realized by 2002. One of the first elk herds to be severely impacted by wolf depredation was the Northern Yellowstone elk herd. In 1995-96, when the first wolves were released, that herd numbered between 19,000 and 20,000 - and as wolf numbers quickly grew in and around the park, elk numbers dwindled quickly. That summer when wolves reached their recovery numbers, this herd was already down to 12,000. Currently, the Northern Yellowstone elk herd numbers right at 4,000 animals.

The so-called wolf experts who contrived the Recovery Plan claimed that the average wolf would kill around 14 big game animals yearly. Subsequent research, observing what was actually happening once the wolves had far surpassed the recovery goals, established that the average wolf was killing between 20 and 30 big game animals annually - for sustenance. Likewise, they were killing nearly the same number - simply for the sport of killing, eating nothing. That meant the average wolf was killing between 40 and 60 animals each and every year. The "scientists" who drafted the plan failed to even address what is now referred to as "sport killing" or "surplus killing".

These same wolf specialists also failed to address other aspects of wolf impact that just may prove to have an even greater impact on elk, moose, deer and other big game populations - and that is the stress the wolves put on pregnant females. With the reintroduction of the wolf into the northern U.S. Rocky Mountains, the spring calf to cow ratio has nose dived. In many areas where the survival rate was once 30 to 50 calves per 100 cows, it is now down into the single digits - 6 to 9 per 100 cows. Elk biologists realize that it takes at least 30 to 35 calves per 100 cows to sustain a hunted elk herd. Just to sustain itself without being hunted, a herd must realize an 18- to 20-percent calf survival.

Wolves, mountain lions and grizzlies all account for a high rate of calf loss during late spring and early summer calving. However, where wolves very likely make the biggest impact on the calf-to-cow ratio is through the winter, prior to calving time. Wolves put continual pressure on its prey base during the lean months of December, January, February and March. Constantly kept on the move, there is little time for elk to fatten up for the harshest weather of the year. And as cow elk become heavier with a calf fetus inside, the stress of that constant pursuit is now causing a high number to abort the fetus. And this is an impact factor that our wolf "scientists" either purposely ignored, or were not knowledgeable enough about wolves to even realize.

Another oversight was just how this would affect the overall health of big game herds, especially elk. When USFWS brought in the first Canadian wolves into the Yellowstone area, the Northern Yellowstone elk herd averaged 4 to 5 years of age. Due to the excessive loss of calf recruitment, the herd has gotten much older on the average - now between 8 and 9 years of age. Many cows are now reaching an age where reproduction becomes biologically impossible.

Math is an integral part of science, the part which can be most easily manipulated. That can now be witnessed with the "guesstimated" wolf populations that now roam the upper two-thirds of Idaho, all along the western half of Montana and in the northwest quadrant of Wyoming - and which are now moving into Washington, Oregon and Utah. Our experts claim the region is now home to around 1,700 wolves - even though the wildlife agencies in these states do not have the technology or the manpower to accurately assess. The hundreds of thousands of sportsmen who spend most of the year in the outdoors say that number wouldn't even account for half the wolves in the Northern Rockies. And one of the most respected wolf scientists in the world, Dr. L. David Mech, of Minnesota, tends to agree with them.

Mech was deposed as an expert witness for the 2008 wolf delisting hearings, and in his declaration he established that even with natural death losses, and wolves culled by hunters and animal control officers, the Northern Rockies wolf population was, then, more than 3,000. Today, the number is more like 4,000 - with as many as 1,500 to 1,600 in Montana alone. Still, the wolf specialists with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks continue to downplay the wolf numbers, claiming there are "at least" 566. Next door in Idaho, wildlife managers also tout a number far below the real number, generally claiming 800 to 900.

The "science" Dr. Mech presents that scares the daylights out of those who continually push for more wolves is the level of reduction it's going to take in order to stop the destruction of other wildlife populations. In that same declaration, he stated that to just stop the growth rate of depredation could mean eliminating upwards of 50-percent of all wolves in the Northern Rockies. To pull big game populations out of what is referred to as a "predator pit" situation would require culling 70-percent or more of existing wolves.

Plaguing the science of the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project even more is the wolf which USFWS chose to transplant from north-central Alberta, Canada as the replacement wolf for the "reintroduction". It is not the same subspecies as the wolf that was native to the region. Prior to the importation of those non-indigenous Canadian wolves (Canis lupus occidentalis) , the native wolf of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming was a smaller subspecies (Canis lupus irremotus) . Many residents of the region have stated there were still several small pockets of the native wolf in remote areas when USFWS began bringing in the larger and more aggressive non-native Canadian wolves - and that those native wolves were soon eliminated by the invasive species.

Sportsmen are now seriously questioning how USFWS chose to bring in an entirely different wolf to repopulate one of the richest wildlife ecosystems in the U.S. They tend to feel that bringing in that subspecies would be no different than if the agency arbitrarily chose to truck a few thousand pronghorns from the plains of Wyoming down to Mexico to supplement the endangered Sonoran pronghorn, or to help out the endangered Florida Keys Deer by transplanting noticeably larger whitetails from the Midwest. Then there are Idaho's extremely endangered woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou), will USFWS come to their rescue and transplant Central barren ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus) from the Canadian Arctic? Is this science...or playing God?

More and more, people who live in the Northern Rockies are accusing USFWS of actually violating the Endangered Species Act by introducing, not reintroducing, a wolf subspecies that never lived in the region. And that those non-endangered Canadian wolves have destroyed any chances of ever truly re-establishing a population of the native wolf. The manner in which USFWS, with the encouragement of environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Defenders of Wildlife, pushed for such an accelerated recovery project of wolves in and around Yellowstone National Park has many residents suspecting their agenda has much more to it than re-establishing a wolf population. More now claim it is all a part of the spurious "Wildlands Project" (now called the Wildlands Network) and the United Nation's "Agenda 21" - with goals to greatly reduce human utilization of rural lands.

Recently, one prominent NASA scientist, James Hansen, was accused of illegally accepting more than $1.2-million from well funded environmental groups to support their "Stop Global Warming" agendas. The manner in which some state wildlife agency biologists now seem to be favoring the "let nature balance itself agenda" has many sportsmen, who are the primary financial supporters of these agencies, wondering if the "selling out" problem has now come much closer to home. In the same light, many overly radical environmental professors who are teaching our future wildlife scientists are now under public scrutiny.

A new area of wolf-related science that is just now surfacing is the threat of the Echinococcus granulosus tapeworm - which close to 70-percent of all wolves tested in the Northern Rockies now carry - and spread widely during their long ranging hunts. Every pile of scat left by these wolves could deposit thousands of the tapeworm eggs, which can result in cystic hydatid disease in elk, moose, deer, livestock - and even humans. The eggs of this parasite can cause puss-filled cysts on the lungs, the liver and on the brain. Once contracted, detection of hydatid disease could take years. And as wolf numbers continue to grow in the Northern Rockies, so will the chances of contracting the disease. It already has many outdoor oriented people afraid to enjoy harvesting and eating wild berries and mushrooms, which could be covered with microscopic tapeworm eggs. Several cases in humans have now been reported, and a growing number of hunters are finding the cysts on the lungs and livers of elk, deer and moose harvested.

Science is a wonderful tool when it is used for the right reasons. But when it is used to lie and deceive, to cover up what's really happening, and to support a radical agenda, perhaps it should be handled as a criminal offense. Montana resident Robert Fanning, the founder and C.E.O. of the group known as the Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd refers to the science used throughout the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project as "scientific fraud!"

The evidence says he's right. - Toby Bridges, LOBO WATCH

Note: Robert Fanning is one of many who feel that the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project is the greatest wildlife disaster of our lifetimes, and definitely not a conservation success story. He believes those who are responsible should be held accountable. He points out that Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd has carefully preserved it's standing to sue and expose this criminal scientific fraud.

Government Creates Poverty 






The U.S. government has "helped" no group more than it has "helped" the American Indians. It stuns me when President Obama appears before Indian groups and says things like, "Few have been ignored by Washington for as long as Native Americans."

Ignored? Are you kidding me? They should be so lucky. The government has made most Indian tribes wards of the state. Government manages their land, provides their health care, and pays for housing and child care. Twenty different departments and agencies have special "native American" programs. The result? Indians have the highest poverty rate, nearly 25 percent, and the lowest life expectancy of any group in America. Sixty-six percent are born to single mothers.

Nevertheless, Indian activists want more government "help."

It is intuitive to assume that, when people struggle, government "help" is the answer. The opposite is true. American groups who are helped the most, do the worst.

Consider the Lumbees of Robeson County, N.C. — a tribe not recognized as sovereign by the government and therefore ineligible for most of the "help" given other tribes. The Lumbees do much better than those recognized tribes.

Lumbees own their homes and succeed in business. They include real estate developer Jim Thomas, who used to own the Sacramento Kings, and Jack Lowery, who helped start the Cracker Barrel Restaurants. Lumbees started the first Indian-owned bank, which now has 12 branches.

The Lumbees' wealth is not from casino money.

"We don't have any casinos. We have 12 banks," says Ben Chavis, another successful Lumbee businessman. He also points out that Robeson County looks different from most Indian reservations.

"There's mansions. They look like English manors. I can take you to one neighborhood where my people are from and show you nicer homes than the whole Sioux reservation."

Despite this success, professional "victims" activists want Congress to make the Lumbees dependent — like other tribes. U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., has introduced the Lumbee Recognition Act, which would give the Lumbees the same "help" other tribes get — about $80 million a year. Some members of the tribe support the bill.

Of course they do.

People like to freeload.


Lawyer Elizabeth Homer, who used to be the U.S. Interior Department's director of Indian land trusts, say the Lumbees ought to get federal recognition.

"The Lumbees have been neglected and left out of the system, and have been petitioning for 100 years. ... They're entitled, by the way."

People like Homer will never get it. Lumbees do well because they've divorced themselves from government handouts. Washington's neglect was a godsend.

Some Lumbees don't want the handout.

"We shouldn't take it!" Chavis said. He says if federal money comes, members of his tribe "are going to become welfare cases. It's going to stifle creativity. On the reservations, they haven't trained to be capitalists. They've been trained to be communists."

Tribal governments and the Bureau of Indian Affairs manage most Indian land. Indians compete to serve on tribal councils because they can give out the government's money. Instead of seeking to become entrepreneurs, members of tribes aspire to become bureaucrats.

"You can help your girlfriend; you can help your girlfriend's mama. It's a great program!" Chavis said sarcastically.

Because a government trust controls most Indian property, individuals rarely build nice homes or businesses. "No individual on the reservation owns the land. So they can't develop it," Chavis added. "Look at my tribe. We have title and deeds to our land. That's the secret. I raise cattle. I can do what I want to because it's my private property."

I did a TV segment on the Lumbees that I included in a special called "Freeloaders." That won me the predictable vitriol. Apparently, I'm ignorant of history and a racist.

The criticism misses the point. Yes, many years ago white people stole the Indians' land and caused great misery. And yes, the government signed treaties with the tribes that make Indians "special." But that "specialness" has brought the Indians socialism. It's what keeps them dependent and poor.

On the other hand, because the U.S. government never signed a treaty with the Lumbees, they aren't so "special" in its eyes. That left them mostly free.

Freedom lets them prosper.

John Stossel

John Stossel is host of "Stossel" on the Fox Business Network. He's the author of "Give Me a Break" and of "Myth, Lies, and Downright Stupidity." To find out more about John Stossel, visit his site at <a href="" <>></a>. To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, along with various Western states’ Fish and Game Departments, have carried out their plan to import known diseased wolves from Canada to various states in the western U.S. with future plans to bring more wolves into other states. These wolves were known to carry the Hydatid disease as they were examined by Idaho biologists and it was found that two thirds of the wolves were infected by this potentially deadly disease. A biologist from British Columbia, Valerie Geist, attempted to thwart the imports of these wolves into the Northwest. but the Fish & Wildlife Service paid him no heed. George Dovel, Outdoorsman Editor in Idaho, wrote in his monthly publication for decades the danger of these wolves many times but no one paid him any heed either. Other knowledgeable persons complained of this act of importing the disease carrying animals but no one listened. Now, these diseased animals have spread throughout three states and two more states are seeing numbers increase.
At this time, there are increasing numbers of wolves in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and increasing numbers in the states of Washington and Oregon. The eggs produced by the Hydatid tapeworm have been spread across the area and the wolves carrying the disease are multiplying in number. Many big game animals, cattle and sheep as well as dogs in rural areas may be infested with the Hydatid disease at this time. Canine pets could walk through a meadow where wolves inhabit and bring Hydatid eggs into homes where young children play with these pets. Hunters may become infected from handling elk and deer carcasses during hunting seasons that have the eggs on their bodies. The future could be disastrous for many residents of these states when the disease symptoms begin to show up in human, domestic and wild animal populations. Medical costs could run into the millions along with livestock infected with the potentially deadly disease. The seriousness is increased because there are a number of larger population centers in the Northwest U.S. such as Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Spokane and Boise as well as many medium size cities that are near large forest areas where wolves can inhabit. In British Columbia, where these wolves are native, the larger population centers are few and widely separated so that fewer pets and livestock can be infected.
Something NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW to reduce the potentially deadly effects of the Hydatid disease brought into these states by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, cooperating state fish and game departments and some environmental organizations. It is proposed that a lawsuit, to be filed against the organizations and agencies involved in this dangerous act, should be seriously considered. It is thought that several large wildlife conservation organizations might be interested in exploring this, including the cattle and sheep associations in the five western states along with wildlife and outdoors sports groups.
A lawsuit might involve suing for a larger sum such as $10 million dollars or more for damages thus far and expected future damages in the Northwest. In addition, if the suit were successful, it would mandate ALL HYDATID DISEASE CARRYING WOLVES TO BE TRAPPED AND ELIMINATED. This would involve probably two thirds of the wolves, if not more. The monies recovered in the law suit would be placed in a fund and used in the future to financially assist those people who contracted the Hydatid disease with their medical costs, cover losses of producers of domestic livestock and many other unanticipated costs. Also, the fund would be used to help bring back the big game populations that have been decimated in some areas of the Northwest states.

This potentially deadly disease brought in from known infected animals must be corrected or the whole of the Northwest states will be susceptible to this disease with costs that many people cannot afford, lingering illnesses and heavy losses to livestock raisers and communities all over the Northwest.  This would be considered a terrorist act if the perpetrators wore robes, had long beards, were from Middle East origins and speak English with a pronounced accent.  

Harvey Neese



Nullification, some considerations





by Michael Maharrey

AP reporter John Miller provides a textbook example of sloppy, agenda driven “journalism” in a piece headlined GOP invokes 1700s doctrine in health care fight published on Jan. 26.

Miller cobbles together a report clearly reflecting his personal opinion on the subject, and while he would surely argue that the story holds completely to the facts, he links those facts together in a way that leads the reader to his forgone conclusion.

Perhaps Miller doesn’t know any better, but he also omits vital information, leaving the reader with an incomplete understanding of nullification. He can either plead ignorance, making him a lazy reporter, or he left those bits of information out on purpose, making him an agenda driven hack.

Either way, he earns low marks as a professional journalist.

Let’s look at some specifics.

Miller sets up his assumption in the language of his lede graph.

“Republican lawmakers in nearly a dozen states are reaching into the dusty annals of American history to fight President Obama’s health care overhaul.”

Note the wording – dusty annals of American history. In other words, nullification isn’t really something to take seriously. It’s old. (He re-emphasizes that point when he mentions Jefferson “philosophical guidance” 211 years ago.) Old means irrelevant and arcane. And if it’s old, irrelevant and arcane, you need not pay attention to it.

Miller frames the story with the loaded language in his opening graph and proceeds to hang it nicely inside.

He goes on to declare the notion of nullification unconstitutional. His source? “Most legal scholars…”

Presumably, Miller interviewed or at least read the opinions of most legal scholars in this country.

Or not.

Nowhere does he bother to cite any cogent opposing viewpoint. And it does exist. In fact, the logic is quite simple. He should be able to grasp it, even with all of the time spent talking to “most legal experts”. Quite simply, if Congress passes legislation reaching outside of its constitutionally prescribed delegated powers, it is not law at all, but an unconstitutional act – by definition illegal. The Constitution stands as the supreme law of the land, not the court. And unconstitutional acts cannot hold a place of supremacy over a state law.

Miller spends the next several graphs describing other radical “conservative” activities. They don’t have anything to do with nullification, but they fit the frame, so he throws them in.

I love some of the loaded language. “Anti-government angst running high.” “Tea Party crowd.” “Secession.” Miller clearly intends to paint nullification the color of extremism – right wing extremism to boot. He doesn’t come out and say it, of course. That would be non-objective. He lets the language serve as his brush.

Finally, he gets into the origins of nullification, lazily hanging the entire concept on the writing of Thomas Jefferson. I have to give him credit for basically explaining the Kentucky Resolutions correctly, all in one sentence. Well, except for the incorrect date. But why quibble? Anyway, after his cursory explanation of the principle’s origin, Miller simply sweeps the third president’s idea aside in one sentence.

“And his beliefs on nullification were nothing more than his opinions…”

I suppose I could say the same about “most legal scholars”. Or supreme court justices for that matter.

But I digress.

At this point, Miller takes the opportunity to create a little “gotcha” moment. He quotes Idaho Republican Sen. Monty Pearce saying Jefferson was at the constitutional convention.

Miller writes:

“Actually, Jefferson was far away, in France, as the framers met in 1787 in Philadelphia to replace the Articles of Confederation.”

Good one John!

But perhaps Miller should have included the fact that James Madison, considered the father of the Constitution, wrote the Virginia Resolution the same year, mirroring Jefferson’s reasoning. And that Madison laid out the fundamental principle of state resistance to overreaching federal power in Federalist 46.

But then again, who cares? That was just Madison’s opinion.

Miller moves on to assert, “Nullification has been invoked several times over the years — to no avail.”

He mentions the tariff act that South Carolina fought in the 1830s. He points out that it “nearly provoked armed conflict.”

Nearly, but it didn’t.

In fact, the feds backed down, and in a compromise, agreed to roll back the tariff over time. Sounds like at least a partial win for South Carolina. But that doesn’t fit the template.

And Miller fails to mention to modern cases of successful nullification. Numerous states refused to implement the Real ID act of 2005, rendering the act functionally void, and 15 states have defied federal law and implemented medicinal marijuana programs, without tanks rolling through the streets.

Finally, near the end of the story, Miller gets around to citing an intellectual source on nullification. But not before a little character assassination. Thomas Woods earned his undergrad degree in history from Harvard. He holds a masters and Ph.D. from Columbia University. But Miller doesn’t mention these credentials. He does mention that “as a college student in 1994, Woods helped found the League of the South, an Alabama group the Southern Poverty Law Center says has become a ‘neo-Confederate group’ seeking a second Southern secession.”

In other words, Woods is a racist and what he has to say isn’t relevant, but here it is anyway. Never mind that the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t exactly count as an unbiased source of information. And never mind that Woods no longer has any association with the League of the South. (Yes, Miller did mention this fact as an afterthought. But really, why mention the association at all? What does it have to do with the story? Oops. Sorry. Asking too many questions.)

Interestingly, Miller fails to tell us anything about the organizational memberships, paper subjects or college hi-jinks of “most legal scholars”, Idaho Assistant Chief Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane, or David Gray Adler – all sources asserting nullification is an unconstitutional, archaic concept.

But I’m sure Miller thoroughly checked all of their backgrounds to make sure there was no ties to any progressive advocacy groups and no skeletons in their closets. No dirty laundry there for sure.

Miller makes a mockery of journalism with this story. Agree or disagree with the concept or wisdom of nullification, it has its roots in the founding philosophy of the nation and in the original understanding of the Constitution. It was invoked frequently in the first century of the Republic’s existence, by members of every political party, in the north and in the south. It stands on solid philosophical ground and has been successfully utilized in the last decade.

But Miller doesn’t bother to get into any of those complex nuances. Miller doesn’t bother to provide a balanced story explaining nullification. Miller doesn’t even bother to fact-check his work to make sure he gets something as basic as the date of the Kentucky Resolutions correct.

In short, he fails to do the basic job of a fair objective journalist.

Michael Maharrey is the Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center. He proudly resides in the original home of the Principles of '98 - Kentucky. See his blog archive here and his article archive here.




The compromise on extending the unemployment benefits is the greatest example of how the Republicans are getting "out played". Here is a basic example of what was done. The two year Tax cuts for the "rich" are being sold as a method of "job creation". Well jobs like everything else in this world is based on the very basic system of "supply and demand". If there are any jobs created from these tax cuts, those jobs will be offset by Americans who will inevitably chose to stay on unemployment rather than work. This will dramatically reduce the "demand" for the new jobs that would be created. At this point the cycle begins again. In order to create a job that is actually filled by a worker businesses will have to pay more. If they have to pay more then the prospect of profit is diminished or completely lost. So our unemployment will remain around 9.4-9.9%. The compromise has allowed the Progressive poison to make its way into the very cure of our tax problems. What is the point of a cure, if it is laced with a poison that counters the cure?

Fast forward to the 2012 elections and the argument comes up again. Now because those jobs that were created were not filled, we still have high unemployment. Now the liberals have a ROCK SOLID argument against tax cuts. It would sound something like this, "In 2010 we gave you your tax cuts for the rich, and you said it would create jobs. Here we are two years latter and we have no jobs. Your ideas have failed! We won't fail the American people like the Republicans did. We provided unemployed Americans with the payments they needed to survive." Not only will Obama keep the Presidency but there will be no take over of the Senate either. The Republican Party will also, most likely, see losses in the House. Furthermore the progressive left will have an argument against tax cuts for years and years to come. They can bring up the last four years any and every time anyone talks of tax cuts. "The Republicans talked tax cuts in 2010, it didn't work then and it's not going to work now. They are digging up an old argument that history has proven doesn't work." This is a great argument and will work on a large portion of independent voters. The Republicans are thinking three moves ahead and the progressive liberals are thinking ten. In politics, like chess, who ever thinks the furthest ahead will win!

Rusty Satterwhite

Rusty Satterwhite, 36, from Twin Falls Idaho, has served in the U.S. Army for 8 years, in Bosnia, Germany and stateside. He is currently the executive director, and spokesman for the Twin Falls Tea party. ( He is also one of five executive directors of the Twin Falls County Republican central committee, as well as a Delegate to the state convention.



I’m having trouble with reality again; for some time now I’ve been stranded in the 1960’s much like Austin Powers, the time traveling secret agent man. You may have seen his swashbuckling movies “International Man of Mystery, The Spy Who Shagged Me and Goldmember“. I’m fixated on the era as Dr. Evil, the archetype Julian Assange’s persona, sends me back in time to the spy verses spy culture popular during the Cold War. Assange is the mega-maniacal villain about to unleash his death ray e-mail dump and bring chaos upon the unwitting world. National secrets at stake and the lives of many agents hang in the balance as the world holds its breath. Who is this mad man and who will be the hero who captures this villain in a duel to the death? Beats me.

While I find it strange that everyone seems to know much of the exposed material; the only real bit of pain leaked seems to have come from some ambassador from some far outpost who let it be known that the King of Saudi Arabia is a bed wetter. Humm….. I’m not sure what to think here. How can it be that if I was hocking knock off Prada handbags or Rolex watches via the internet, I’d be shut down before the 5:00 o’clock news, ruffed, cuffed and sent to jail. When it comes to espionage, however, it appears to be another matter.

When I first heard about Wiki-Leaks, I thought I was hearing about a new adult incontinency device and later discovered that it was indeed an incontinency device used to catch the dribble of a slobbering main-stream media. Are we being played? Questions still mount and answers are few and far between. Who is making this happen and why now?

I was hoping that a James Bond type would be called in to do the dirty work. I can see the movie script now, Assange hanging from piano wire while dangling over Mt. Pinatubo as Bond reaches down from the legs of his captured helicopter; arms out-stretched to save the dastardly monster but too late and he falls into the molten lava of the fiery volcano. Cut! No, that’s not how they got the creepy effeminate nerd, mad man; they did it with the most secret of international weapons….. sex by surprise. Yes, I kid you not! Assange is being held in a British jail on charges from the blonde capitol of the world, Sweden, for not wearing a condom! Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this, day time movie or not. What drama, suspense and climatic end.

I was hoping that the CIA, MI-5 or Spetsnaz would have laced his drink with ricin or sabotaged his underpants with icy hot; given him Indian britches at the least. Can we not call agent Adam Smart to sort this chaos out, are there no longer any good guys on our side? I fear not, the good, the bad and the ugly all fight for their 15 minutes of fame while the moral high ground our nation once founded upon slides untransparently into the mire. Where is Agent 99 and please America, “Get Smart”!

Yours in Liberty,


Merry Christmas to all Patriots




Okay, its Christmas time and I'm feeling a bit in a funk knowing that Congress is in session and still controlled by Democrats out to confiscate as much power from the people as possible with all the good intentions of Mr. Grinch before the door of opportunity closes later this month. It reminds me of the rush to pass the health care bill. Let's see they're trying to pass the Food Safety Bill, safety being the key word here. Just like CEIDRA being something about economic development and recreation. You can usually tell what they are trying to slip past you as it is prominently displayed in the title of the bill with something wholesome and snappy that has nothing to do with what they are trying to legislate past you. The Dream Act, more like the Nightmare Act is on the docket and how about the Fairness Doctrine, such a lovely name for such a vicious attack on your 1st Amendment rights. Got a catchy name though. That's all that matters because nobody reads the bills; we learned that from the Obama-Care fiasco. I can't help but recall the wise words of Thomas Jefferson "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government". Oh so true.

I feel helpless in the path of this oncoming train of more government bureaucracy. Government is in everything we do, everywhere we go, anything we eat or drink, anything we buy anything we sell. Our life's work controlled by the big hand, everything we earn taxed everything we make taxed. Don't do that, don't go there, don't eat that and don't shoot it with a gun. I want life to be simple like it was when grandma scrubbed cloths on a washboard. Yes, really, how have all the modern gizmos made our lives better? I know washing cloths on a washboard wasn't much fun but I also know it only took one wage earner to make a living for a family and there was always time to sit down at the table and eat a meal without the damn cell phone ringing. This brings me back to Christmas and my Christmas wish list.

I wish not to buy anything for Christmas that is made of plastic or has a silicon chip in it.
I wish families would sit down at dinner and talk with no electronic device within earshot.
I wish Congress, the President of the United States and the Supreme Court would take a moment to remember from whence we came as a nation.
I wish everyone had to milk a cow every now and then and churn butter.
I wish everyone planted a garden and picked weeds.
I wish people would think of others first.
I wish people would live within their means.

Most of all, I wish people would love their spouse and children and care about their futures.

It’s a big list but I'll bet most if not all of you have done those things or live by those values. I'd trade our wash machine for grandma's wash board if I could only have a simpler life and not live each day out on a limb not knowing what the government might take from me tomorrow.

Yours in Liberty ,



A few miles from the small farm I grew up on stood an ominous building. Even as a child I realized it was remarkably out of place. If I had been old enough to have known who Hitchcock was, I would have thought the building was designed for one of his movies. Surrounded by small farms raising beef, dairy or hogs this building was five or six stories high with many small windows. It was constructed of brick made locally red in color from the brickyards, as kids we just called them clay pits. Behind this looming building were run down barns and stables. One building appeared to be a dairy building, maybe it was to elevate their status but dairy barns were referred to as milking parlors. Outside of the livestock areas were large garden plots, a stark contrast to the endless corn fields of the surrounding farms. Even with Mom or Dad in the truck just riding by the old building gave me the creeps.

I think it was my Dad who first described what the building was used for, a work farm for the poor and destitute. The county provided room and board in return the occupants of the work farm cleaned barns, took care of livestock and grew their own food. My Mom's description was the one that stuck with me it was simple and direct she called it "The County Poor House".

The poor house was a phase I heard frequently in my childhood, next to Hell, the poor house was the one place you never wanted to end up. If I squandered birthday money from my Aunt Loreen, I heard about it with the usually Mom response," Save your money or you will end up in the poor house". Money earned helping neighbors milk cows, haul hay or pick stone was to be saved not spent. No one in our area or kids in school wanted to end up in the poor house. Being sent to the poor house meant the lost of self respect, it was a stigma and it was shame to be avoided.

A world and generations removed from glossy debit cards used by current aid recipients. Now I watch as our Government takes us closer to the one place we were taught to never end up, "The Poor House". Our respect long lost, we now nearly beg to borrow money from The Communist Chinese.

Stigma, even the European Socialist Countries tell our Government to stop spending, implement austerity not phony stimulus. In denial, our politicians don't recognize or acknowledge the shameful condition they have created for current and future generations.

How does it end? Who knows... after reading hundreds of articles and listening to hours of debate no one knows, but those with some honesty left in their being know things have gone terribly wrong and even our national security is at risk.

Do we slip into The Great Depression 2? Do our pseudo friends smell blood in the water and feel the time is ripe for their ambitions? Do those from within see their opportunity to create the America they envision which was not the vision of our founders? Or do we simply bump along and slide into banana republic status, a has been country that drowned in debt and whose downfall was expedited by political corruption?

Or do we have a miraculous national recovery awakened by memories of a half century ago where we were taught to never go.

Bryan Cross



I would agree that you can’t argue with a sign. But, our sign on highway 93 can plant interest in our citizens’ minds that hopefully will generate further questions. Only then will the truth be discovered and make Custer County a little freer from government tyranny.

Biased news reporting, i.e. Post Register, only gives a liberal point of view that leaves their viewers with only one side of a political debate. For this reason “signs” are extremely important to present interest on the other side of the debate. Our “old western attitudes” are very real and have been handed down from generation to generation. Our freedoms are cherished and we firmly believe in government restraints. In Custer County we have two out of control government agencies, the US FOREST SERVICE and the BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, that are destroying “Multiple Use Management” on our public lands. It is well known that both of these agencies are connected to the environmental movement, thus creating a very negative working relationship. Our county commissioners represent our “old western attitudes” and are standing between the “them” and “us”. With Custer County consisting of 97 percent public lands, it leaves our county in an economic stand still. With out mining, logging, grazing, drilling and recreational freedom we face an economic catastrophe. We want our public lands back in Idaho ownership where we can control our own destiny and not rely on our corrupt government to give us hand outs.

Yes, Mr. Brady, we, the citizens of Custer County are, “WHAT AMERICA USED TO BE’’ and we are proud of it. A big problem we face is an influx of environmental city folks that have been lied to and taught to believe in the engineered environmental problems that do not exist. The world wide socialist movement has capitalized on global warming, endangered species, water pollution, public land abuse, air pollution, etc. that have reached epidemic levels that these “city folks” have taken as gospel.. The most sickening part of this whole movement is that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and other major news agencies have fallen for this deception and are promoting the socialist plan to destroy the greatest country on earth.

So, Mr. Brady, “NO’ is an essential stand to take when our government oversteps its constitutional limitations. We “Westerners” will not accept bipartisanship, negotiate, barter, meet half way or give in to this socialist madness.


Carl Young
Challis, Idaho



My reaction to the flyer wooing Thompson Creek Employees to Unionize by the United Mine Workers brought back memories of my first job after high school.

Born and raised in Michigan , union activity was common news. I think they are still looking for Jimmy Hoffa. However for a kid raised on a beef farm taking my first job in a unionized factory was an eye opener and primer to adult life.

The little factory I worked at existed on small orders from large manufacturers, Whirlpool, Xerox, IBM and so forth. Aluminum parts were extruded, formed, anodized on and shipped out. The factory had also been a good neighbor to the community, it seemed whenever the school needed some extra funding for field trips, sport activities etc the little factory donated more than their share.

Not long after I took employment at the factory a strike was called. As workers, we were United Auto Workers. I didn’t quite get the connection of being an Auto Worker as we made parts for washing machines and copy machines?

I remember the first union meeting after the strike was called. A fellow worker named Earl asked the local union president a simple question. Earl asked “What are we striking for” To me it seemed like a fair question. The union president answered Earl’s question with the following “ We can’t tell you what we are asking for in negotiations as it would reduce our bargaining power” Here I was a 18 year green kid off the farm knowing well enough this stinks to high heaven. My paycheck was gone, I was told to carry picket signs, yet I we couldn’t be told what we were asking for in negotiations...Last spring when Speaker Pelosi stated “we have to pass the healthcare bill so we know what is in it” I thought of that union meeting nearly 40 years ago and had the same gut reaction, “This stinks to high heaven”.

After being informed we couldn’t be told what we were striking for, the meeting erupted, The soft spoken Earl said “how am I suppose to feed my family”Earl had a large family and I swear I never saw him eat anything but hotdogs, two hotdogs every day for his lunch. The Union President then said she wanted us all to apply for Welfare..Welfare?? That was for the destitute people who had nothing; everyone in this union hall had jobs we had walked away from our job. The Union President went on to say “we want to collapse the local welfare system; this will put pressure on local politicians to help get our way with factory management. Looking back now, sounds like Cloward and Piven doesn’t it?

The strike destroyed the factory, IBM, Whirlpool and others found different factories to make their parts. The factory closed, the extrusion equipment went to non-union Alabama . For me it was a lesson learned, on the up side it inspired me to go to college get a better and more secure job.

Summers during college were my chance to earn some tuition money for the college years. I took a job at a nearby State Park. Once again unions entered my life, this seasonal job lasted about three months yet I was required to join the union a state association and an AFSCME chapter. I recall asking one of the fulltime park employees what my benefits were of joining the union, his reply none, “you’ll be back in college before you even see their newsletter”. So here I was a college kid trying to save money for college and my paycheck showed union dues being taken out with no known benefit?

I graduated college with a Teaching Certificate and taught a couple years in public schools, once again required to join a union, pay dues and with a more learned ear, listened to the left lending mindset that many in the education field lived. As I sat in the teachers lounge listening to the Socialist tripe I wondered how can someone become educated and be so ignorant. I realized many with intelligence didn’t possess common sense.

My college coursework was in science and I took a job in Public Health as an Environmental Health Sanitarian. Interesting work but political. Once again I was required to join the union this time The Teamsters. I still chuckle at the Teamsters connection, the day I received a union card the Teamsters were indicted for racketeering, corruption etc. The couple years I spent in Public Health I never saw a union representative or any other union benefit. However dues once again were removed weekly from my paycheck.

My next job ended up being my career job, I went back to work for the State working in Parks and Recreation, a throwback to that fun summer job. Once again wiser to the ways of the world. As a Park Ranger/Officer I was required to join various unions. I received their newsletters filled with the best Soviet style propaganda and Socialist demands. The college experience had educated me to the ways of the left as while at Michigan State University I had Professors of all leftwing persuasions, Fabian Socialists, Marxists and a variety of tenured grant milking left brain lunatics.

My character didn’t buy the “Union Mentality” I never desired to be part of the collective. I worked harder than the other guy to get ahead, hard work paid off and promotions followed. After years of being a union employee I was now Evil Management. In the years that followed I dealt with legal language protecting the least productive of union employees. I watched as the union mentality corrupted many young employees, they bought into the collective mindset with little thought to what they were giving up and in return receiving little to no benefits. Many employees who bought into the union mentality lost the drive to succeed, to better themselves and get promoted. They knew they couldn’t be dismissed and they made the decision to languish in entry level positions where they were unchallenged and cloaked in the false security of union protection.

My career of dealing with unions and union employees is behind me. But just watching the news today I am reminded of the detrimental effects the unions continue to have on our country. Taxpayers bailed out GM only to see the UAW get a sweetheart deal and partial ownership. It isn’t a coincidence that highly unionized states are also those facing bankruptcy, California , Illinois , Michigan , New Jersey and others.

Private and Public Sector Unions have bitten the hand that feeds them with benefit packages bankrupting states and companies and continuing unsustainable demands. All of us as taxpayers will pay either directly or indirectly as union demands bankrupt our states or force corporations to seek workers elsewhere in the world.

Bryan Cross




Thursdays are difficult for me especially last Thursday, that's when the Challis Messenger comes out. Before I could even get to the issues on the front page a somewhat patriotic red, white and blue insert fell out onto the floor. Stooping down to pick up the flyer, I could see Uncle Sam and something about "Your Rights". My curiosity peeked, I continued reading until I felt a growing unease in the pit of my stomach. It's the United Mine Workers Union pandering for a seat at the table obviously at the Thompson Creek Mine for and on behalf of the down trodden miners who apparently don't realize they have "Rights"! Oh the broken promises and the unfair hiring, firing and employee advancement issues at the mine all exposed in this newspaper insert. This wrapped around the pointing finger of Uncle Sam asking you to join the union.

I ran for a brown paper bag to keep from hyperventilating, it could also be used to catch the contents of my churning stomach should the need arise. Breathe... two .... three .... four ...breathe, okay, I'm going to get through this and begin to consider the union issue on a more mentally stable platform. Not to say that I am totally against the idea of people organizing to stand for a worthy cause (think Tea Party). I am against the idea of people forming a group to coerce a well managed, philanthropic and very good neighbor through a campaign of deceit only to feather the beds of a few high and mighty union leaders. Thompson Creek Mining is the best neighbor we've had in this county for a long time. They provide good paying jobs with good benefits, they produce wealth from the hard work they do and give our county and country economic benefits by the extraction of Molybdenum that cannot be replaced anywhere else. Thompson Creek is a model example of the benefits of Capitalism raising the standard of living of every county resident and paying the lions share of our tax liabilities. They donate to worthy causes in the community and bring opportunity where none such existed before. To see our mining community so disparaged with untrue speculation of improper labor practices and a fat cat business planning I had to speak up. Folks this advertisement caters to the lowest common denominator among us appealing to the misguided belief that the UMW can speak for you. I'd like to see evidence of the union's message to help the voiceless and downtrodden but all I can recall are the burnt out ruins of cities once mighty that came under the influence of union domination. Detroit, Pittsburgh and all the other mighty bastions of a manufacturing economy now lay in waste. Even the strong UMW towns in Appalachia beg the question as to the unions compassion for the peoples future. SEIU, AFL-CIO and UAW are all now contributing to the further decline of our prosperity by negotiating unrealistic wages, benefits and pension plans while we, the tax payer continue to bail out their failures. The collapse and now rebirth of GM is a fine example of union influence. The auto giant has morphed from a symbol of the success of American Capitalism to the pathetic virtues of Socialism now being primarily owned by the US government, the Chinese and the unions.

Oh the pain didn't go away when I finally got the to front page. The proposed Community "Pork Chop" Center may require some level of tax support! Maybe it should be the Community "White Elephant" Center because we can't build it without the $885,000 appropriation from Congress and we can't do anything else with the money. Heaven forbid should we be so foolish to let the money go to Iowa to studying why kids won't eat corn mixed with lima beans. Looks like there could be money in it though for some environmental engineering firm as an environmental impact study must be done on the property before the money can be spent. We've got to keep a positive attitude on this project and not worry about the trivial upkeep and maintenance costs. We can always have bake sales and car washes to take care of those costs and where better to get together every night at 6:00 pm but at the new Community "Sweat Shop" Center, where we can swap stories about the good ole days and scrub cars to pay the heating bill.

I think I'm getting a little bit cross before my time. I can remember my grandfather yelling at the TV when LBJ or Hoover or Everett Dirksen began to speak, I thought hey grandpa chill out but here I am doing the same thing. Am I growing crotchety before my time? Could I be a cynical old man? Maybe it's low testosterone or maybe its the onset of a midlife crisis. Maybe I'm just pissed off that every body believes they have the right to spend me, my community and my country out of existence.

These issues troubled me to the point I thought I'd go down the street and drown my sorrow in a bucket of beer at Bux's Place. And damn, I looked out my apartment window just across from the Wells Fargo bank to see City workers burning and hosing off the crosswalk that has saved the soul of many a thirsty cowboy. I thought I'd take a look at the paper again to see if there was something going on about the public works project in print. Sure as shootin' there right under the Community "Indigent" Center article was the article about the reverse engineering project on the street below me from tavern to tavern. Now I know it is easier to throw stones than to rise to the mighty level of public responsibility and service but the jist of the story has left me no other option but to rant on.

Since I believe I have some insight into the issue of the "out of compliance crosswalk" being a professional civil engineer and also according to my particular proximity to the offending trajectory of paint stripes from the Custer Saloon to Bux's Place. I live above street level at the Northeast corner of 4th and Main and have on many occasions used my vantage point to observe the goings on about our mostly quiet town. I say mostly quiet, because upon darkness or happy hour, which ever comes first, you can clearly see the genius conceived by the yet unsung heroes of the crosswalk cohorts who collaborated and executed a most perfect pedestrian plan. You see, there are two main tenants in the field of Civil Engineering. One is simply that water runs down hill. Oh the complications that gravity can heave upon our civilized world are mostly incomprehendable to the untrained, that's why we need environmental studies for Community "Stalag" Centers and engineering studies for most everything else. You see, engineers need to make a living too. Now the second tenant deals with the requirement to build public infrastructure that enhances the welfare and safety of the public at large. This is the one that my colleagues and I always have a bit of a tiff over. They would say well it's not in the building code or such and such other code or pending Act of Congress even though the improvement makes good common sense. Introduce the crosswise crosswalk.

I have yet to see anyone cross 4th and Main from the Northwest sidewalk to the Southwest sidewalk, mostly because there is nothing at the Southwest corner to visit, it's an empty lot. I did see a woman once wobble her way at that approximate location but she was obviously drunk and left the Custer Saloon from the back door and was confused as to where she parked her car. After wobbling around aimlessly she finally crossed the street to find her car at the back of Bux's Place. But I digress. The existing, soon to be washed away, crosswalk serves the purpose of adding a layer of protection to those passers who won't in future have such safe passage. There is not a painted crossing at the intersection of 4th and Main and for good reason, not too many people cross there. People do cross where they can get from point A to point B in the most expeditious manner possible and these are the locations that sound engineering would place them. But, since we deal from a book of rules written by people far far away and since we could get sued for any deviation thereof we plow on with the crossing removal knowing our butts are covered. The foolishness of forgetting the second principle of Civil Engineering and hence, my departure with my colleagues as to the most preferable location for this bit of public infrastructure leaves me wondering who might be the better engineers, the cowboys down at the Custer or the fellows in good standing at our vestiges of higher education. I have taken to notice that not only did the crosswise crosswalk serve the needs of the greater number of pedestrians, it was always well maintained and constructed with superior materials as unfortunately experienced by the utility workers who will spend many days fully scrubbing the sub-standard crossing away. In fact, the crosswise crosswalk was in far better condition than any of the other City maintained crossings. The crosswise crosswalk once being a symbol of local character, character that is frowned upon by City Planners and Planners of all kinds, will soon be just a memory. You see, not only are we all to have our communities look and feel the same, we as people are all also suppose to act the same. It's just so much easier when ruling the lower classes. This all brings me back to the Community "Taj Mahal" Center. I guess I could be more optimistic about the possibility of the City financing a portion of the Community "Welfare" Center if only there weren't so many expensive and problematic conditions that arise from washing crosswalks away.

Yours in Liberty,



Seams that no matter where I turn, the news isn’t the news. The media has long forgotten their journalistic mandate to probe, to ask the hard questions and to be a pillar of truth holding the government in check. The media is a check on the balance of power conceived by our Founders for each branch of government. Since the media empires have capitulated their duty to report fair and balanced news and would rather highlight the goings on of J Lo’s latest drug rehab failure indicate our future liberty is in jeopardy. The media and mass market outlets are now propaganda outlets for the “Bull Shivik Revolution”.

It all started so innocently, a concern for our fellow man’s welfare. The concern has hatched a politically correct environment ripe for hijacking the concept of individual freedom and responsibility. The concept of concern for our fellow man has lulled us into an apathy that someone else will do the heavy lifting for us, more specifically your friendly and ever present government. If you pay taxes, then you are a part of the solution in their eyes and it gives you the excuse that you are being progressive in the many causes of promoting humanity. It’s all crap!

Again, we have farmed out our personal responsibility to a government agency and have done so at the hest of a complicit media empire that has twisted our perspective to the plight of the masses rather than the empowerment of the individual. When individuals can’t solve the overwhelming problems of society, the only solution remaining is a caring and compassionate government funded by you. Problem is government has never solved social problems with wealth redistribution programs. In fact, they foreclose the economic and social opportunity of the very subjects they profess to help. Has the “Great Society” of the LBJ administration pulled the future of the poor black man from the grips of poverty and crime? Why are so many people on food stamps and other government assistance programs when we are suppose to be a 1st world nation? Will we really die from a hole in the ozone layer? How about the green movement, have we actually cleaned up an environment by transferring corn production to ethanol green gasoline or saved endangered species by introducing wolves? These issues are all diversions to keep you “useful idiots” busy making progress toward a global utopia. It’s all part of the “Bull Shivik” Revolution.

Reality and fantasy are blurred, good is bad, right is wrong the knowing elite guide the masses to their ultimate fate, subjects rather than individuals. The environment for further progress is ripe on the Marxist front as a barrage of attacks against a failed Capitalist system are exploited. Market crashes, home mortgage debacles, failed business and greedy bankers are all to blame, but what really caused the bubble. Government influence in free markets, and none of it Constitutional. Don’t be fooled, if it smells bad, looks bad and has that uneasy mushy feel, it’s probably “Bull Shivik”.



So, the powers that be continue to move forward with an economic development plan funded with money our Representative Simpson has procured from Congressional Appropriations. This is called "Pork", the money funneled to special projects to give the appearance that your Federal Representative is looking out for you. Bringing home the bacon is the primary focus for many Congressmen, it helps perpetuate the family name as great philanthropic leaders. If your really good at this you could even have a Wilderness Area named after you or maybe a building, a sports complex or community center. "What a guy" people in future days could say. The great vision, the building of our future, the very essence of a benevolent government and a great leader who carved out a piece of pie for us.


It is only because we can't fend for ourselves that we need great leaders to hack off a chunk of pork in our name. We don't know how to develop our community without help from the Feds because we are economically incapable. Besides, if we don't get this money for our project somebody else will. So, like hogs to a trough we lap up the slop for fear that somebody might get something better. We pay taxes too, so we are deserving and that is why we continue to vote for our great leaders who keep the swill coming and defending us from all sorts of serious environmental damages that we might inadvertently create. You see, we're too stupid, we need help, we can no longer exist without access to the brightest minds in America all who live in Washington D.C.

Now that we have staked our existence on PILT (payment in lieu of taxes), Federal Aid projects, Grants and Economic Stimulus it's hard to imagine how we could ever have lived like our grandparents. Geez, they had to work hard for what they got and most didn't have a big house or even a car. Look at us today, we've got it all. A three car garage, house on a hill with motor home and speed boat, that's what we've got. Oh, I know I have a big mortgage payment, but I've got a good job, a pension plan and a portfolio in the stock market to die for. Most of this all because the government in their wisdom kept interest rates so low that I could borrow more money and finally get that life only the wealth enjoy. Give me more pork please because I'm a pig.

Yes, we are pigs and like pigs being fattened there is a reason. Oh to be able to have a community dance in the new Community Center and listen to the Old Time Fiddlers. What a time it would be. That is what a time it would be if anybody showed up. What if we couldn't pay for the events coordinator or the grounds keeper or the heating and light bill because we had to cut back because we weren't able to get a government grant promised to keep it going. And what if the government had some bad luck and had to go way into debt to finance all these other projects across America and wasn't able to finance ours anymore. And what if the government went really badly into debt, like maybe $14 trillion dollars and had to start printing money to pay off the interest payments to foreign parties. What if the government said, hey mister, I need that money we helped you get when you took your mortgage out at 3-1/2% and thought we'd raise it to 8%. Hum, big fat pigs don't like 8% mortgages. But, the government needs its money and if you have to live in a cardboard box you'll just have to get by. Maybe, you all could live in that nice Community Center we built for you.

People, wise up, don't be a pig!

Yours in Liberty,




I just finished the movie "Enemy at the Gates" with my oldest son Dane as he convalesces from a cold here up the Yankee Fork and was struck again by the cruel hand of mankind as Nazi Germany invaders slaughtered thousands of Russians in Soviet Stalingrad during World War II. The story is about a sniper who becomes a hero in the Soviet army by sniping German brass and greatly aiding the effort to free the "Motherland". What horrible and grim conditions with pain and suffering unimaginable and yet, there is time for a budding romance and the sweet sorrow of love and loss. Not to give the story all away but I found something there that rang so true with our ever meddling government. The Soviet intelligence officer who discovers the sniper's great ability ultimately loses his bid for the affections of a lovely female comrade in arms to the hero sniper. His last words, suffering the pain of her loss wrapped the entire story with chilling truth. His purpose and the Soviets were to create a utopian society where one man could not want for more than another man had and all were equal with things. Yet, he confessed the falsehood of the premise as the sniper had all he hoped to posses with the love of the young female comrade. He was envious in a world where these was to be no envy and realized that in the prosecution of the war there would always be the rich and the poor, the favored and the not so favored, that he was only a small pawn in the massive proletariat with little chance of succeeding with his dreams.

What a stark contrast, a totalitarian regime fighting a fascist regime, no one free to realize their dreams on either side and yet willing to kill each other for the sake of the "Motherland". It strikes me as a supreme evil to subjugate a people to the will of a few and give little hope to those who toil on their behalf to fulfill their dreams. These tyrants promising the masses the equity of things rather than the equality of opportunity. Here in America we are leaning toward coveting the equity of things among us as rights. The right of affordable housing, the right of health care, the right of someone else's property, the right of child care, the right of every illegal immigrant to the charity of the American people and on and on and on. At what point do we forget that we have the right to opportunity and not the right to things. That we have the right to dream and to succeed on our own behalf and to keep the rewards of our hard work without fear that an envious neighbor or government could take it. Dream people, dream big even if you fail keep dreaming.

Wake up America, your fathers are calling you.

Yours in Liberty,






































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